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After your studies

After your studies

After your studies

The final day of classes or the day you defend your thesis marks the start of something new, life as a graduate.

If you wish to work in Canada, you’re welcome to stay and start the process of immigrating to Canada. Working in Canada after your studies may be what you’ve dreamed of all your life.

Or maybe you want to pursue a new level of education, moving from the university where you got a Bachelor’s degree to a college in a different part of Canada, so you can gain skills or training to enter the workforce in a specific field. For example, many students remain in Canada to pursue post-graduate work, such as a master’s degree, PhD or doctoral studies.

When you arrived in Canada to study, the possibilities were endless. They still are!

The alumni experience

Once you graduate from a Canadian school, you’ll be known as an alumnus. Discover what the alumni experience can mean to you.

Work in Canada after your studies

Stay in Canada! As an international graduate from a Canadian college or university, you may be able work in Canada with a work permit and apply for permanent residency.

Paths to permanent residency and immigration

Do you want to settle in Canada? Learn about the different paths to permanent residency and immigration.

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