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Student Stories

Stories of international students in Canada

Stories of international students in Canada

We love Canada, but don’t just take our word for it! Hear from students who have chosen Canada as a study destination. Watch our videos and read the stories of international students from countries like Brazil, China, Germany, India, Jamaica, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco and South Korea.

Find out about their experiences. Read their reviews. Learn how studying in Canada changed their lives and shaped their futures. Discover where they are now and what their Canadian education means to them.

Darinka Aguirre from Mexico

This experience has enriched me

"These two years in Canada have been the most important of my career to date. This experience has enriched me beyond what I believed possible. Canada is a place that is safe and multicultural, where people are respected and taken care of.

Studying in Canada provided me with many skills from an international perspective. Thanks to the high quality of education, I have been invited to speak at important conferences worldwide. Canada is a country where your voice is heard and your opinion counts."

Emily Carr University of Art + Design: Master’s in Applied Arts and Industrial Design (2010)

Elder from Brazil – Purchasing Specialist – IT at High Liner Foods

“I found my ‘forever’ home”

"I came to Nova Scotia, Canada in 2017, where I found my ‘forever’ home. Born and raised in Brazil, I had 8 years of experience working in Supply Chain, and always dreamt to find a job related to my expertise in Nova Scotia. I completed a 2-year Business Diploma at the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) in 2019 with Honours. During my two years as a NSCC student, I participated in the NSCC International Student Ambassador Program and through this experience, had the chance to join the EduNova Atlantic Canada Study and Stay® program. These opportunities, combined with my studies, led me to connect to an employment opportunity after graduation in an aerospace company in Nova Scotia. I am part of a growing group of international student graduates who have been welcomed to stay in Nova Scotia and participate in the economic and social growth here, making our communities stronger."

Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC): Business Diploma (2019)

Sarah Larsen-Vefring from Germany

“amazing Canadian landscape”

"My “International Studies” at the Université de Montréal gave me a wide knowledge of the relations between countries and cultures from a Canadian perspective. I learned more about the political, economic and social systems in Canada and in North America.

Travelling from Nova Scotia in the East to the Rocky Mountains in the West, I discovered the amazing Canadian landscape. For the first time in my life, I went winter camping, dog-sledding and snowshoeing."

Université de Montréal: International Studies (2009-2010)

Julia Zhu from China – Sommelier, Beijing Hilton Hotel

“exciting experience”

"Having an exciting experience and seeing another part of the world became my mission when I first moved to Canada. I became so interested in the hospitality industry that I enrolled in the Hospitality Operations Management program at George Brown College and ended up studying with the Canadian Association of Professional Sommelier where I became certified after 2+ years. I have been working with wine at various Hilton hotels ever since.

I cannot underestimate the influence that Canada had on me. I am grateful to the Canadian education system for shaping who I am and for the totally different life path I’m on because of my experiences."

George Brown College: Diploma, Hospitality Operations Management (2007)

Amit Tacker from India – Director, AV Sales, Tacker Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

“mix of quality education, culture & social policies”

"For my higher education I was looking for a place that would expose me to a great mix of quality education, culture & social policies. That is when I came across Canada. All of these factors were reaffirmed when I started my Engineering studies at Carleton University located in the “Silicon Valley” of the North. My time in Canada has allowed me to professionally serve my diverse customer base in India today, and my education has helped me stay current at work."

Carleton University: Bachelor in Engineering (2002)

Damian K. Francis from Jamaica – Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP)

“world-class academic environment”

"My Emerging Leaders in the Americas (ELAP) scholarship opened the door for me to study in a world-class academic environment in Canada.

It was a unique opportunity that significantly enriched my own learning experience and helped me to develop policies on how to bridge the gap between the lab, field, and society."

University of Ottawa - University of the West Indies

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