HEAD OFFICE: Greater Toronto, Executive Centre, Mississauga, Ontario.
BRANCH OFFICE: Wyse Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

During your studies

During your studies

During your studies

You’ve dreamed about studying in Canada. You’ve done all the planning. Perhaps you’ve even packed your bags and made the trip to your new home. Now, it’s time to find out all you need to know about settling into your new reality as an international student in Canada.

Get ready to position yourself for success. The information below will lead you to tips and advice that will help you adjust to life in Canada.

Get to know Canada

Learn about Canada’s climate, time zones, business hours, holidays and other basics, such as driving, tipping and more.

Our languages

Canada has 2 official languages and many other unofficial ones. With more than 200 languages spoken, we hope you’ll feel right at home!

Succeed at school

We offer some tips and advice on making the most of your time at school, college or university. Find out what it takes to succeed.

Feel at home

It’s equally important to feel at home when you study abroad. Learn how to manage homesickness and connect with others.

Fit into your workplace

Canada’s workplaces may differ from your experience at work in your home country. Discover what you need to know.

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